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Soft Green Jacket by Very J

is it a blazer? is it a cardigan? is it a jacket?

i think its a hybrid of all three! and it is sooo comfortable!

it has a wide body, large pockets, shortened sleeves

beautiful split pea soup color, moss green, sea foam green

two large tortoiseshell buttons—COMES W EXTRA BUTTON!

slightly shortened sleeve length and waist length


upscale casual look. nice blazer collar and two big pockets

it has the muted elegant boho chic vibe that i love so much!


  • 🌟This Blazer Looks Perfect for Any Wardrobe
  • 🌟Martha Stewart Vibes
  • 🌟Nirvana Grunge Vibes (especially paired with this white lace dress)
  • 100% Cotton. Machine Wash Cold or Handwash Cold. Lay Flat to Dry. Dry Clean for Best Results.

Market Average Price $74 !!

Sea Foam Green. Split Pea Soup.

Any name you like best for that amazing soft color, this 100% cotton beautiful timeless oversized cardigan is PERFECT for Any Style Wardrobe 💕

  • High Quality Fabric & Stitching.
  • Lightweight yet Sturdy
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Heavy & Sturdy Hardware (buttons) Oversized. Large Pockets. Short Length Hem and Slightly Short Sleeves. Large Buttons.


The wooden oval buttons add to the overall calming nature and vibe of this oversized cardigan blazer jacket. 🌿🍄🍵

👍Comes with Spare Button!

Soft Green Blazer Cotton Jacket

    • Brand: Very J
    • Garment Type: Jacket
    • Style: Cardigan Blazer
    • Sub-Style: Oversized
    • Pattern: Solid
    • Color: Soft Green
    • Design Features: Large Tortoiseshell Buttons. Shortened Sleeve Hem. Large Pockets. But Fits Perfectly
    • Length: Hip
    • Accents: Large Tortoiseshell Sleeves
    • Occasion: 
    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Garment Care:
    • Features: All Seasons, Breathable, Button-Down, Collared, Lightweight, Uninsulated
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