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Size Chart

Our Pieces Fit True to Size



I am working very very hard; completely alone, by myself (you heard it right); putting this website together tech-wise, and getting the business together, and the the middle...OF A MOVE INTO A NEW (OLD) PLACE, CARING FOR MY SICK MA & FACING MY OWN NEW HEALTH PROBLEMS THAT ARE SCARY AND OFTEN RENDER ME INCAPACITATED

I am committed to and will continue to measure each article of clothing individually. This is a temporary solution. The size chart did indeed come from the proper place & was not randomly sourced from an internet search.


Remember, size charts like these aren't measurements of the clothing themselves, but of the body measurements one can expect for the clothes to fit. So, for example, a super chill, "oversized" kimono or cardigan sized at a size S--the armpit to armpit measurement would probably be 40 inches, but it still fits a size Small. You know your size.

Our Pieces Fit True To Size. The number of items that run large or run small is almost zero. And if that does occur, of course you can always exchange it!

Items and the site will be constantly updating; i'm chiseling away 😓😅

Thank You For Understanding & I Will Do Everything In My Power To Minimize The Inconvenience This May Cause (though i think we're gonna be okay👍)


Ashley ADV ❤

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