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Overall Skirt by Illa Illa

Black Fabric with "Calico Toss" White Floral

Really Unique! Really Cool!!

High Quality. Heavy Material. The Skirt is Lined!

Button Up Skirt.

You can adjust your suspenders on your skirt!

  • the suspenders, basically a strip of fabric, have two holes on each end
  • there are buttons inside the skirt for you to adjust your supenders
  • you can choose to wear your suspenders straight across or criss cross them in the back! 😍

Thankfully this skirt comes with an extra button 👍

This full length, full skirt is amazing. it flows SO BEAUTIFULLY!! 

it is for sure one of my favorite items of the boutique 

we only have a few - you're not going to want to miss this!!

ILLA Black Floral Overalls Skirt

    • Brand: Illa Illa
    • Garment Type: Skirt
    • Style: Maxi
    • Sub-Style: Full Skirt
    • Pattern: Calico Floral Toss
    • Color: Black. White Floral.
    • Design Features: Adjustable Suspenders.
    • Length: Full Length. Long. 
    • Occasion: Formal or Casual
    • Material: Rayon
    • Garment Care: Hand Wash or Dry Clean
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