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Mauve Twisted Tank Top by Sweet Claire 

Beautiful Mauve Color and Beautiful Silky Sheen Fabric

Silky Soft Modal!!

So Soft and Comfortable

Really Cool & Cute/Unique Hem: Round, High-Low, and Folded into a Knot in the Middle

Perfect Spaghetti Strap Sleeves--Not Adjustable--Definitely the Right Choice for This Top

You can dress this Blouse Way Up

  • work, church, court, etc
  • pair it with dark colors. a nice blazer and skirt or slacks.

You can this Bloue Way Down

  • summertime fun, festival, going out
  • pair it with a fun boho skirt, jeans, or cut offs

A Unique Wardrobe Staple 😀😍 AKA Amour Des Vetement's Favorite Supreme!! 

⭐Made in USA⭐

Mauve Knotted Hem Modal Tank Top

    • Brand: Sweet Claire
    • Garment Type: Top
    • Style: Tank Top
    • Pattern: Solid
    • Color: Mauve
    • Design Features: Folded/Knotted Hem Design. 
    • Sleeve Length: Spaghetti Strap
    • Neckline: In Between V-Neck and U-Neck 
    • Length: Waist, Hip
    • Hem: Round Hem. High-Low Hem.
    • Occasion: Any. All. Dress Up. Dress Down.
    • Material: 65% Modal. 35% Polyester.
    • Garment Care: Hand Wash Cold. Dry Flat. 
    • Made in USA!
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