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My Rayon Dress is Now a Tank Top!!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

My best friend had just brought home a beautiful white dress.

  • It was flowy, it was delicate, sheer like organza and gauze.

  • It was perfect for the hot summers of the south; flowy, short (but not too short), tunic style sleeveless.

She got it at an amazing price of less than 10 bucks. It looked like it was $50+.

-It was 100% Rayon.

-She followed the garment care tag instructions. Hand Wash. Lay Flat to Dry.

The next time she saw it; it was so extreme we were both bamboozled with disappointment, total shock, and choking laughter at just how extreme and against-the-law-of-physics the dress seemed to be.

Her Dress Had Become A Tank Top!

We scoured the net for answers. She got it back to say...a mini i guess now it was a tunic, tank, dress; all purpose? LOL

Now--this was some cheap piece of clothing, so this story is not at all the norm.

But Rayon CAN be tricky. I've noticed that different brands react differently:

  • perhaps its the thread count, weave method, or chemicals added to the rayon

I found this link one day, trying to help an eBay buyer mend her own rayon troubles.

This is definitely a handy reference for anyone (everyone) that owns a rayon garment.

Have any stories of your own shrinking rayon?

Have any tips?


thanks. love ash.

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