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Garment Care Tips — Rayon

Updated: May 8, 2022

Laundering Rayon

Laundering Rayon

Step-by-Step Instructions!

"Rayon is a more delicate fabric that is prone to shrinkage."

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"Caring for rayon can be tricky, as it can shrink and become misshapen if the water or dryer is too hot. All washable rayon clothing should be treated as delicates."

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"Rayon is a material made from artificial silk. Artificial silk is created from processed tree materials and pulp from woody plants. Since rayon is made from highly processed plant materials, it is neither entirely natural or entirely synthetic."


Created from wood pulp treated with chemicals, cool and comfortable, rayon is considered

a semi-synthetic fabric. When laundered, it may bleed, shrink, or lose its crispness. How to wash: Dry-clean or hand-wash in cold with mild detergent. Air-dry. Tip: Iron it when slightly damp.

"before you start washing, its important to know your fibers" Real Simple

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