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Mar 15, 20201 min

Fashion Vocab: Infographs: Shoes

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Hopefully This Shoe Addition of Fashion Vocab will help to steer you right to the shoes you were hoping; as opposed to endlessly searching only to, in the end, settle for something "good enough," or worse, not even!!

Don't end up wearing a pair of shoes that you hate, or can't get your mind off of--

use the graphs!😄💗👢

1. From Enerie and Fractal Labs <--title is linked to page

2. From JustFab <--title is linked to page

3. From Preview <--title is linked to page

4. From Style E Grace <--title is linked to Pinterest, as the URL behind this infograph was not legit. Good Infograph Though! 😁

5. And from our Adorable Trusty Friends Griz and NORM (yes, title linked to page!)

Hopefully now, thanks to these awesome infographs, you'll know exactly what kind of shoe you want or need for the perfect outfit, the perfect event, the perfect gift!!

If you have anything to add, please go over to the forum, and add away!

  • enrich the info! enrich the community!

That's all for now--i hope you enjoyed!


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